Guardia de Male

Rock Bottom Video

Rock Bottom Video is an independent film production company founded by Brian Kilby, Brian Papandrea, and Nate Rumler in 2015. Our goal is simple: To make fun fucking movies for cool fucking people! Imagine the days from long past when video stores reigned and you & a friend could ride your bikes to one of them. You’d go in there on a packed Friday night to scope out the Horror section to find weirdest box art, or the craziest description on the back of a vhs. After you rent it from the cool video clerk that lets you get away with renting R-rated titles, you go back home and sneak some of your old man’s cheap vodka or boxed wine, you’d be ready to turn on whatever sick flick you got and laugh your goddamn asses off! That’s what we want for Rock Bottom Video (although by law we do not encourage underage drinking!) So relive those days now by inviting some friends over, have a bunch of alcoholic beverages, and enjoy a Rock Bottom Video today! We may not make the best movies, but there ain’t nothing like ours!