The Crew

Nathan Rumler

Nathan was born in a shithole known as Lapeer, Michigan where he was raised by a pack of wolves. In his teenage years he made many short skits with friends, but his first real attempt at a short film was “du(ck)pression” where he collaborated with his friend Ashley Chronowski. He went on to work on many low-budget horror/comedy films and shorts around the Detroit area such as “Blood Orgy at Beaver Lake”, “Chubbies”, “Last Corpse on the Left” and James Bell’s “Lucifer’s Cosmonauts”. Working anywhere from sound, “acting” or being the director’s fluffer.  Even traveling out of state to work on such films as “Time to Kill” and “Cannibillies”.

With about 20 different film sets under his belt, he went on to write and direct his first feature “Fangboner” and it was an official selection at the best convention ever Cinema Wasteland. Now he, Kilby, and Papandrea have started Rock Bottom Video and plan to continue making low-budget flicks for the sleazy underground to enjoy.

His name is Nate and he likes to party. Now let’s party.

Brian Kilby

Brian Kilby was born in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.  He has filmed full length feature films, short films, local commercials,  weddings, and two unaired television pilots.  He has worked as a Director, Producer, Director of Photography, First Assistant Director, Camera Operator, and Editor.

He worked with Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead Trilogy) on a short film called “Questing for Campbell” with friend and now company partner, Brian Papandrea. In 2010, Brian was hired by filmmaker Doug Schulze (director of “Dark Fields” and “HELLMASTER”) as first assistant director on a feature film titled “Mimesis”, which starred Allen Maldonado, Gavin Grazer, Sid Haig, and Courtney Gains.  The film was picked up by Anchor Bay Entertainment and is in global distribution.

In early 2014, Brian was the Producer, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, and Editor for a movie called “Chubbies”, written by and starring Brian Papandrea.  Kilby’s latest feature film entitled “Guarding Evil” will be available from Rock Bottom Video this spring 2016.

Brian Papandrea

Brian got started making movies at a young age when he was cast as a Scandinavian sex slave in some child smut film.  From there the acting bug bit him hard and he continued to act in school plays, and eventually obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Performance from Oakland University.   He’s written and performed in several shows at The Second City Theatre in Detroit, and performed the Wilde-Award nominated “MONTAG & MARBLES” at The Second City Theatre in Hollywood.

He’s been in some other movies that you also never heard of like “The Stevie Wondershow” and “Blood Orgy at Beaver Lake.’  I swear he’s a real actor though!  He’s been in a bunch of commercials that he’s claimed to have gotten paid for.  I guess.

In 2014, Brian wrote, produced, and starred in the motion picture “CHUBBIES” which is now in world wide distribution from Troma Entertainment.  His feature length directing debut is Rock Bottom Video’s “THE BIG F,” which will be released later this year.

Please hire him.  He’s hungry!